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This is where your most popular questions directed to our office are posted.  Don’t fret, there is more to come.

1.  After I have applied for a Public Defender, how long will it take before I get an attorney?

Answer:  It takes 3 weeks after your application is received before we send you a letter in the mail with the name of your attorney.  Just click here to go directly to the application form.  

2.  I have court scheduled and I don’t know my attorney’s name, what should I do?

Answer:  You must go to court on the dates listed on your bond paperwork.  IF YOU DO NOT GO TO COURT ON THOSE DATES, A BENCH WARRANT WILL BE ISSUED FOR YOUR ARREST.

3.  How much does it cost for a Public Defender?

Answer:  A forty dollar ($40) fee is to be paid to the Office of The Clerk of Court.

4.  When can I meet with my attorney?

Answer:  You will meet with a representative of the Public Defender’s Office at your first court appearance.  After the attorney has received the evidence in your case, an interview will be scheduled for you with your attorney.